Chemical storage plastic tanks

Clients and partners

Plastic Formo UAB proudly pioneered the production of high-density plastic sheets in Lithuania, marking a significant milestone. With over two decades of experience, we have maintained a successful partnership with the Röchling Group, recognized as one of the world’s largest and most innovative thermoplastics manufacturers.

Our company boasts a comprehensive production line dedicated to crafting non-standard plastic products, including the ability to manufacture plastic containers up to 100 m3 in size. Each component of our plastic products undergoes precision milling on a CNC machine, ensuring meticulous execution in accordance with provided drawings

Our advantages: long experience and a strong technological base!

We specialize in the production of high-density thermoplastics such as HDPE, PPC, PP H, and PVDF. Our product range encompasses plastic containers, non-standard plastic items, containers designed for chemicals, plastic pools, tanks for fish breeding and rearing, containers for liquid fertilizers, water and wastewater, as well as products tailored for the food and cosmetics industries. Additionally, we provide containers for the agricultural sector, including saline tanks, baths for galvanizing plants, plastic reactors, plastic hydrocyclones, rectangular and cylindrical tanks, and various other non-standard plastic products.