Chemical storage plastic tanks

Our company produces a wide range static non-pressurised tanks made of welded extruded sheets of polyethylene (PE-HD),  polypropylene (PPC, PPH), PVDF and PVC for most popular chemical mediums. These tanks are developed and designed according to the static, mechanical and chemical loads.

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Diesel storage tanks

Plastic Formo UAB is a manufacturer of double-wall tanks made of high density polyethylene (PE-HD) and polypropylene (PPH/PPC). The tanks are designed for diesel fuel, biodiesel, AdBlue and other chemical mediums. The tanks are made of welded sheets (thermoplastics), occasionally with the use of GRP coating.

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Domestic sewage treatment plants

Sewage treatment plants are designed for private houses like cottages, villages, settlements and gardening community blocks up to 9 inhabitants. Wastewater treatment plants are manufactured according LST EN-12566-3  and are marked CE.

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Plastic tanks and other thermoplastics products

Plastic formo UAB manufactures cylindrical and rectangular plastics tanks for fish farming, agriculture, galvanize industry, pharmaceutical, water storage, water purification and other applications. Also we manufacture piping and ventilation systems and other plastic products.

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Thermoplastic pools

Plastic pools made of UV-resistant polypropylene PPC. Installed both outdoor and indoor. During winter the pool is left filled with water.

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Outdoor hot tubs

Hot tubs made of 5-8 mm thickness UV-resistant polypropylene, timber trimmed. Due to the wooden finishing hot tub looks natural.

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Plastic pontoons

Plastic pontoons does not require complicated maintenance and service. Pontoons can be produced in different sizes.

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Aquafarming tanks

High corrosion resistance and mechanical stability polypropylene PPC or polyethylene tanks are a perfect fit for the special requirements of aquaculture.

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Clients and partners

Plastic form UAB was the first in Lithuania to start production of high density plastic sheets. For more than 20 years we have been cooperating with  Röchling Group one of the largest and most innovative thermoplastics manufacturers in the world.
Our company has a complete production line of non-standard plastic products and can produce plastic containers up to 100 m3.
All pieces of plastic products are milled on a CNC machine according to given drawings.

Our advantages: long experience and a strong technological base!

We produce  from high density thermoplastics  HDPE, PPC, PP H, PVDF:
Plastic containers, non-standard plastic products, plastic containers for chemicals, plastic pools, tanks and pools for fish breeding and rearing, plastic containers for liquid fertilizers, water and wastewater, plastic containers for food and cosmetics industry, containers for agricultural industry, such as saline tanks, baths for galvanizing plants, plastic reactors, plastic hydrocyclones, rectangular and cylindrical tanks and other non-standard plastic products.

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