Chemical storage plastic tanks

Company produces wide range static non-pressurised tanks made of welded extruded sheets of polyethylene (PE-HD),  polypropylene (PPC, PPH), PVDF and PVC for most popular chemical mediums. Tanks are developed and designed according to the static, mechanical and chemical loads.

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Diesel storage tanks

PLASTIC FORMO UAB is a manufacturer of double-wall tanks made of high density polyethylene (PE-HD) and polypropylene (PPH/PPC). The tanks are designed for diesel fuel, biodiesel, AdBlue and other chemical mediums.The tanks are made of welded sheets (thermoplastics), sometimes with the use of GRP coating.

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Domestic sewage treatment plants

Sewage treatment plants are  designed for private houses or their groups, for residents of cottages, villages, settlements and gardening community blocks up to 9 inhabitants. Waste water treatment plants are manufactured according LST EN-12566-3  and are marked CE.

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Plastic tanks and other thermoplastic products

Plastic formo UAB manufactures cylindrical and rectangular plastics tanks for fish farming, agriculture, galvanize industry, pharmaceutical, water storage, water purification and other applications. Also we manufacture piping and ventilation systems and other plastic products.

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Thermoplastic pools

Made of UV-resistant polypropylene. Installed both outdoor and indoor. In winter time such pool is left filled with water.

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Outdoor hot tubs

Tubs made of 5-8 mm thickness UV-resistant polypropylene, timber trimmed. Due to the wooden finishing hot tub looks natural.

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Plastic pontoons

Plastic pontoons does not require complicated maintenance and service. Pontoons can be produced in different sizes.

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Fiberglass items

Fiberglass – durable, impact resistance, chemical, temperature and mechanical stress. Good thermal and soundproof qualities

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Clients and partners


Company is operating since 1991!

In 2006, awarded the gold medal for Double-wall cylindrical tanks chemical production, Lithuanian Industrialists’ Federation award.

In 2014,  PLASTIC FORMO  assigned to companies with high credit rating. This ranking has 6% of companies operating in Lithuania.

2014 PLASTIC  FORMO Business Knowledge organized Gazelle Award recognized as one of the most successful and fast growing companies.