Glassfiber items

PLASTIC FORMO UAB is one of the leading and the first glassfiber composites products manufacturer in Lithuania. The Company manufactures sanitary equipment, GRP grit bins, therapeutic baths, lids and various containers and even car bodies.

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The advantages of glassfiber composites:

Several problems can be handled with solutions based on glassfiber composites. Glassfiber composites can often replace materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, iron, wood etc. with advantage, as the material among others possesses the following qualities:

    • Low weight, high strength (especially in sandwich constructions)
    • High rigidity (especially in sandwich constructions)
    • Good corrosion characteristics
    • Free possibilities of design
    • Resistant to a variety of chemicals
    • Tolerance stable
    • Good thermal and soundproof qualities
    • Recycling (can be crushed and used as filler)
    • By adding different additives can be achieved fire retarding qualities.

PLASTIC FORMO UAB specializes in design and manufacture of structures and parts from composite materials. Complete cycle of work is performed here, including: design; prototyping; making molds; full-scale production.

The basics glassfiber items are various gas-station inventory: different sizes sand boxes, boxes for garbage, boxes for sorbents and other mediums, bath tubes for mud and mineral water therapy, and other products made of glassfiber.