Plastic pontoons

  • Resistant to humidity
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • Is not affected by chemicals, sea water or ultraviolet radiation

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Plastic pontoons are made of segments, which consist of 2-3 sealed Ø 470 mm cylinders, welded wall-to wal to each other. Segment dimensions:

3.0×1,5 m

2.0×1.5 m

2.0×3.0 m

3.0×3.3 m

Also pontoons can be set to various measurement according to the clients requirements. Plastic pontoon segments are connected until the required length of the yard or pier is reached.

Made of UV-resistant polyethylene or polypropylene, anchored with chain poles and anchors.

Plastic pontoons are used:

– in marinas and boats
– as zones of rest on water
– as platforms for stages and events
– as floating bridges and ferries.