Diesel storage tanks

  • Resistant to a variety of chemicals;
  • Good corrosion characteristics;
  • Vertical design reduces footprint;
  • Low cost and quick to install
  • Electrical insulation;
  • Low weight;
  • Recycling.

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Double-wall diesel storage tanks

Company “PLASTIC FORMO” produces vertical double-wall diesel storage tanks up to 60 m3 capacity. Diesel tanks are also designed for water storage, sewage and other chemical liquids. Diesel storage tanks are made of high density polyethylene PE-HD, corrosion-resistant, durable, lightweight, easy to transport, requiring no additional structures for set-up.

The diesel storage tanks design is made up of: two hermetically sealed containers. The inner tank is for diesel fuel, and the exterior enclosure for protection against accidental spillage into environment. There is a space between the receptacles, which can be used for fitting an alarm sensor which is tripped when liquid spills from the inner tank.
We can install the diesel fuel dispensing equipment if you choose.

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