Chemical storage plastic tanks

  • Strong and rigid structures;
  • Can be used for storage most of the popular chemicals media;
  • Solar and UV resistance;
  • Can be installed indoors and outdoors;
  • Double wall can be equipped for protection;
  • Cylindrical construction does not require metal support;
  • Can estimate the tank’s longer service life;
  • Low weight.

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Chemical storage plastic tanks

PLASTIC FORMO UAB produces static non-pressurized chemical storage plastic tanks made of welded extruded sheets of polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PPC, PPH), PVDF and PVC .

After more than 31 years, we as a manufacturer are qualified to handle plastic tanks and other devices for storing chemicals and aggressive media, due to our innovative products and devices we are established in the market.

The materials used by us meet highest durability requirements. Our chemical storage tanks are designed according to the static, mechanical and chemical loads.

We work with the newest Wegener GmbH welding equipment and use Röchling Engineering Plastics Group materials.

Plastic tanks are designed with the  calculation software RITA®  which calculates tanks  under consideration of the current DVS-standards. The tanks can be round or rectangular depending on the requirements. We are able to produce circular tanks with diameters of up to 6 meters and 14 meters high.

The chemical storage tanks are used in various fields of application:

  • Water treatment,
  • Chemical industry,
  • Food industry,
  • Beverage industry,
  • Automotive industry,
  • Paper manufacturing,
  • Battery manufacturing,
  • Cement manufacturing,
  • Hot-dip galvanizing,
  • Strip galvanizing,
  • Anodizing factories,
  • Electroplating factories.

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