Domestic sewage treatment plants

Domestic  wastewater treatment plants PF ANVI


  • strong rigid structure
  • stiffness rings and flat bottom
  • easy mounting
  • resistant to active sludge outwash

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Domestic sewage treatment plants PF ANVI

Designed for private houses which dont have a connection to the centralist sewerage. Domestic sewage treatment plant calculates, that one person will comprise 60 g BOD5/d pollution, and the standard water for one person is 160 l/d. Cleaned water from biological treatment plants can discharge into surface water. Domestic sewage treatment plants are secure biological wastewater depuration according BOD7 average annual 29 mg/l, and maximum instantaneous 40 mg/l. ANVI type of cleaning plant made three technological parts (1 picture), it is in one capacity and in the plant.

The waste-water flows into primary sedimentation tanks part, where it comes to partial separation from coarse impurities. So treated waste-water flow from the sedimentation space into the aeration chamber. There the waste-water is treated by means of microorganisms partly formed on biofilm reactor and partly in activated sludge (aeration chamber). Activated sludge and part of the waste-water flows in to the final sedimentation space. Part of superfluous activated sludge returns back in to the aeration chamber and cleaned water could flow to surface water.

IT IS STRICTLY IS PROHIBITED leave and throw sanitary packages and other non-organic waste into the closet. It is also prohibited to let rainwater flow into wastewater treatment plants.

Domestic sewage treatment plants PF ANVI scheme

Domestic sewage treatment plants PF ANVI scheme


  1. Pre-cleaning chamber;
  2. Anaerobic chamber;
  3. Secondary pre-cleaning chamber;
  4. Bio-charge;
  5. Air aeration system;
  6. Air inlet;
  7. Valves;
  8. Airlifts;
  9. Inlet;
  10. Outlet;
  11. Blower

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