Outdoor hot tubs

  • Hygienic material;
  • Non toxic;
  • Easy cleanable;
  • Long lifetime.

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We are producing outdoor hot tubs  made of blue or grey UV resistant polypropylene. The material is safe, hygienic and non-toxic, which is perfect for hot tubs. The bathtubs can be produced to the required diameter and are usually 1 meter high with installed polypropylene bench.

The bathtubs usually are placed above ground and timber trimmed. The installation into the ground also possible, only the bathtub have to be covered with polystyrene foam.

The outdoor hot tubs are heated with stainless steel firewood stove, what can be installed inside or outside the bathtub.

The firewood stove, when installed outside, makes more space in the bathtub. And during the summer the bathtubs can be used like a swimming pool. For pleasure staying in the bathtub, the comfortable temperature is about +37 Co .

This temperature is reachable in 3-4 hours heating.

Additionally, we can install LED lightning, hydro massage jets, rack for the beverage and staircase with armrest.

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