Fabrication of Plastic Products

  • Strong and rigid structure
  • High chemical and corrosion resistance
  • High resistance to chemicals causing stress cracks
  • High elongation at break
  • Durablility

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Fabrication of Plastic Products

Company  fabricates a wide variety of plastic products designed for industrial, construction, agriculture, and aquaculture applications.  The form and structure of the products are tailored according to the customer’s specifications and technical requirements. Goods are manufactured from high-density plastic panels (HDPE, PPC/H, PVDF), known for their rigid structure, durability, solidity. The advantages of producing from panels are applicable to customers’ demands.

All items are developed and designed in accordance with the static, mechanical, and chemical loads as per DVS (German Welding Society) standards.

Products are well-suited for use in chemically aggressive environments, at both low and high temperatures and are suitable for use with food.

Our range of products is very extensive; we manufacture customized inserts for fountains and pots, water/wastewater containers for mobile homes and yachts, livestock watering trough, technical cabinets and panels, piping, ventilation systems, flanges, boxes and various other products.

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